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7 Super Duper Super Bowl Freebies

It wouldn't be a national holiday if Coupon Sherpa couldn't come up with some fun freebies for our loyal readers. Since Super Bowl Sunday has become a national tradition, we've compiled a list of seven Super Bowl freebies that will add to your enjoyment of the game, and provide some relief for your wallet.

1. Denny's Original Grand Slam
For the second year, Denny's is running a commercial during the Super Bowl offering a Free Original Grand Slam for one day, from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Feb. 9, at its restaurants nationwide. More than 2 million grateful Americans took advantage of the offer in 2009!

2. Super Bowl Invitations and Place Cards
Party Supplies Hut has just about everything you'll need to throw a Super Bowl party and much, much more. For example, you can keep your guests amused if the game turns into a blowout, with Party Supplies Hut'sdownloadable Super Bowl games.

3. Super Bowl Coloring Books
Keep the kids busy and out of your hair with this Super Bowl themed coloring book. Downloads for free. Older kids might enjoy the word scramble and other games.

4. Watch Online Live
Working on Sunday or your television's on the fritz? Xomba understands and is offering free, live-action coverage of the game, including pre-game chatter and the half-time entertainment.

5. Super-sized Betting Form
This spreadsheet from Pylon Picks allows your guests to predict game factors in 66 categories, from the results of the coin toss to the final score. BTW: As of 2008, the Super Bowl coin toss had landed on heads 21 times and tails 21 times so you've got a 50/50 chance of predicting correctly.

6. Super Bowl Squares Pool Forms has downloadable squares forms of every size; anywhere from 10 to 100 squares. Neophytes also will find instructions on how to run a Super Bowl pool.

7. Free Viewing of Banned Commercials
"America deserves the chance to see the commercials that were deemed too hot for the big game. Or to put it another way, these are commercials that were ditched in the same year that Tim Tebow and his mom were given permission to air a controversial ad." See for yourself the ads the ABC network thought were too tacky for sensitive football fans.

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