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20 DIY Costume Ideas for Every Body

If you’re tired of tacky store-bought, “plus-sizeHalloween costumes, you’re not alone. Honestly, DIY costumes look better on everyone, so why not think outside the traditional looks this year and whip up something flattering, comfortable and totally awesome?

Here are 20 Halloween costumes that are trendy and fun without requiring you to reveal tons of flesh or hide your curves. We’ve scavenged the internet for the best DIY costumes made special by curvy fashion bloggers who know how to accentuate and flatter any body type!

20 #DIY #Costumes for Every Body | Coupon Sherpa

1. Sugar Skull / Dia de Los Muertos. Did you swoon at the opening scene of Scepter? Now is your chance to marry spooky with beautiful for the ultimate Halloween costume. To achieve this look, find your favorite face design and pick up inexpensive face paint at TargetWalmart or even your local grocery store. You may need to supplement some of the paler hues using eyeliner, lipstick, cream blush and other products you already have in your beauty arsenal. To really step it up, fashion your hair into a Spanish updo (or part up, part down) and adorn your head with a crown of flowers made from a headband and dollar or craft store silk flowers.

Via Ellomennopee

2. Minnie Mouse. Minnie Mouse is a classic costume which you can easily customize based on what you already own! A flirty dress with a full skirt works just as well as jeans and a white button-up, as long as you have Minnie’s polka-dot ears. These ears can be purchased online for $6 to $15 (and beyond), or you can craft them yourself using a black headband, felt circles and a red-and-white bow. Glam up your face and adorn your pout with the brightest red lipstick you can find! We love Chenai David’s polka-dot hack: check it out here!

Via Chenai David on Youtube

3. Mermaid. Few costumes highlight curves better than the mermaid, so if that’s your aim this Halloween, get it girl! We love Lauren Conrad’s DIY mermaid skirt made from shimmery green fabric and several layers of ocean-hued tulle, though the top made from real sea shells is definitely a commitment! You can lazy-girl the top by purchasing a cheap white or nude-colored tee or tank and drawing on a seashell bra top with fabric markers. Or, for a different twist, try a

Via Pinterest

4. Storm from Xmen. This is just fierce, and so easy to put together! Don your favorite pair of black leggings and boots with a long-sleeved black top. Create a cap using fabric that flows nicely (pro tip: use our app to score up to 50% off one item from JoAnn FabricMichaels or Hobby Lobby) and craft a duct tape belt buckle for the signature X. Storm’s trademark gray hair is a must, so either use hair chalk to transform your locks or order a wig online for less than $12. Bonus points for the stormy contact lenses!

Via curvesonthemove on Instagram

5. Velma from Scooby Doo. Smart, stylish and adorable, Velma’s look is as easy as putting on a red skirt, orange sweater and her classic red Mary Janes with orange socks. Find a wig for those trademark red bangs and a pair of black-rimmed eyeglass frames, and you won’t have a problem being recognized! Get the squad together to dress up as the other characters for a truly memorable group ensemble.

Via PlusSizeLife.CO.UK

6. Scarecrow. Seriously, how cute is this? And what better way to use those chic overalls you kinda-sorta impulse bought last year? If you don’t own a flannel button-up, grab one on the cheap from your local thrift shop. The floppy hat is totally on trend for fall and likely something you already own (because you’re fabulous, obvi). We love Tiffany’s makeup and you can easily copy her look with black eyeliner, peachy eye shadow and pink-orange cream blush or lipstick. Stuff some straw in your pockets for the final punch.

Via TiffyThePlussSizeFashionSlayer on Instagram

7. Carmen Sandiego. This is a definite throwback but such an easy costume to put together. Plus, who doesn’t want to don a stylish hat and trench coat on what could be a chilly Halloween? Check the thrift stores for a colorful trench coat (preferably some shade of red), then choose a hat that flatters you most. A stylish bag and a small globe completes the look for this chic world traveler!

Via giggabz666 on

8. Sorceress. Witch, please. Why be a lowly broomstick rider when you can be a sorceress? To nail this look, go heavy on the eyeliner and mascara and find a hooded, floor-length cape (or make one yourself with this free pattern and tutorial) for serious drama. What you wear underneath is up to you, but we like Ravings by Rae’s corset-and-lace combo for a hint of vintage magic.

Via Sarah Rae Vargas,

9. Rosie the Riveter. An easy, classic look with a powerful message that still rings true today, Rosie the Riveter is a fantastic costume for Halloween this year. Roll up the sleeves on your favorite chambray button-up and tuck it into your best pair of high-waisted jeans. Style your hair into a retro updo and top it with a red bandana. Done and done!

Via Popsugar

10. A Doe, a Deer, a Female Deer. One of the cutest and easiest looks this Halloween calls for a camel-colored sweater, antlers of any style and super-fun woodland makeup. While a basic pair of antlers will suffice, we like more elaborate, feminine additions of flowers and leaves which you can harvest from your garden or simply buy in faux form from the dollar store. The makeup is where it’s at, so carve out some time to get your “deer-in-headlights” look just right.

Via Buzzfeed

11. Mary Poppins. A spoonful of sugar and a few closet basics are all you’ll need for a convincing Mary Poppins costume. Pair a white button-up with a black skirt, black tights and booties, plus a black hat which you can choose to accessorize with flowers or keep it simple. A red bow-tie is a must, so pick one up at the dollar store or fashion one out of wide red ribbon. Complete your costume with a black umbrella and get your vocal chords ready to serenade children with medical advice.


12. Clark Kent. Superman schmuperman. While everyone else is running around in capes and fidgeting with spandex, you can look chic and powerful as Superman’s alter ego. A black skirt or pair of pants, white button-up and black-rimmed glasses are likely part of your wardrobe already, though these items can easily be picked up on the cheap from your local thrift store or even dollar store. Wear the famous “S” tee or tank under your button up to complete the look.

Via Pinterest

13. The Joker. Harley Quinn is EVERYWHERE this season thanks to Margot Robbie’s flirtatious portrayal in Suicide Squad. While there’s sure to be a few guys channeling their inner Jared Leto, we think the green-haired villain makes for an unexpected (and totally chic) costume for a gal. A calf-length purple coat will certainly make a statement, but even a fun mix of purple and green hues based on what’s already in your closet will do the trick. Just make sure to nail the bright green hair and freaky clown makeup.

Via YouTube

14. Flapper Girl. 20s chic looks flattering on everybody, and the look can be achieved with a simple dress, long gloves, a feather boa and a headband. String on some long-hanging beads and fishnet tights, and add a cigarette holder for that jazzy look. If you really want to commit, learn how to Charleston and dance the night away!


15. Wonder Woman. DIY divas will enjoy making a Wonder Woman costume this year! Pick up a plain, fitted blue skirt and red long-sleeved shirt from Forever 21, Walmart, or your local thrift shop. Cut a star shape out from a blue sponge and apply white fabric paint using the sponge to the blue skirt. Next, draw the double W on the red shirt with a black Sharpie and fill in the logo with gold glitter paint. Finally, pick up an elastic metallic gold band from the fabric store to fashion as your belt, and don’t forget sparkly cuffs and a crown to finish off the look.

Via Megan Murphy

16. Old Hollywood Glam. It may seem like Hollywood beauty standards have always favored thin women. False. Take Marilyn Monroe, who was the epitome of glam back in the day. This superstar had curves, and knew how to work them. Channel her iconic image with a white dress, “diamond” necklace and earrings, and a platinum blonde wig. Draw on the famous beauty mark, curl your lashes and pucker up with bright red lipstick. Your outfit is as easy as finding a stylish white dress, or opt for red. It’s impossible to not turn heads when you go with this classy, glamourous favorite.


17. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Perfect for those who favor the spooky side of Halloween. Find yourself a deep V-cut black dress, a black wig with bangs, and learn how to put on her trademark eyeliner, two-tone eyeshadow and dark lipstick. Don’t forget the beauty mark just below your right eye, and finish off with some plain black high heels or platforms. Scary never looked so good!


18. Ursula the Sea Witch. Ursula may be the villain in The Little Mermaid, but everybody knows she’s fierce and glamorous. This look is pretty easy to achieve even without the full body paint, though it certainly makes a statement! Stand your hair up with gel and hairspray, or find a tall blonde or silver wig. Use makeup to draw on the shell necklace, wavy eyebrows and beauty mark. For the outfit, embellish a glamorous black dress or opt for a strapless black tube top and black leggings. You can easily make “tentacles” out of layered strips of long black fabric or bubble wrap atop a purple tutu.


19. Comic Book Beauty. The comic book trend is here to stay, and ever since Snapchat’s filter, this is expected to be a hot trend this year. Luckily, that 2-D comic book look is easy with simple costume makeup. Since the primary part of the costume is the face, you really can wear anything with it, though we like the idea of adding a vintage-style dress or suit. If the comic book filter isn’t your fave, check out these other easy Snapchat-inspired costumes!


20. Ghostbuster. Let’s face it ladies, female Ghostbusters are awesome. Get this look with very little effort. Simply find a gray or tan jumpsuit and detail with orange duct tape. Print out or draw on the logo, and find some chunky black boots to complete the look. Finally, spray paint a cheap water gun black, and you’ve got a seriously awesome ensemble that’ll have you saying, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”

Via The Guardian

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