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25 Health-Food Manufacturers That Offer Coupons

There’s a reason America’s favorite health-food chain, Whole Foods, is more commonly known  as “Whole Paycheck.” Thanks to its high prices, people take one look and believe they can’t eat healthier because “it’s too expensive.” (News Flash: You can find Whole Foods coupons to spend less of your paycheck during your next shopping trip.)

What you may not realize is both health-food stores and manufacturers offer some tasty coupons. What’s more, consumers’ changing preferences for organic and all-natural foods, coupled with demand for discounts, is driving popular health-food brands to pop up in places like Walmart and Target. When these products go on sale, shoppers should search for coupons to make their savings even healthier.

25 #Health Food Manufacturers That Offer #Coupons | Coupon Sherpa

1. Annie’s: A long-time favorite of health-conscious parents, Annie’s Homegrown brand features such kid-friendly fare as mac ’n cheese and frozen pizzas, along with staples like soup and salad dressings. Annie’s only uses non-GMO ingredients and is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. Find coupons for soup and frozen snacks on our Annie’s coupons page, and follow them on Facebook for special offers and additional savings.

2. Archer Farms: Sold by Target, Archer Farms offers high-quality products ranging from small-batch coffee to Italian-made frozen pizza. Target’s Cartwheel app often features savings like 5% off frozen vegetables, deli meat and cheese, bakery bread and more. Browse the latest Archer Farms coupons and download Target’s app to redeem the savings.

3. Back to Nature: This brand name fits the purpose. Back to Nature breakfasts and snacks are simple in ingredients and contain no fillers or GMOs. From hearty cereals to cookies, soups and juice, there’s an option for everyone’s dietary needs. The best part: Back to Nature gives back to nature. As a sponsor of The Nature Conservancy, these products aren’t just doing your body a favor.

4. Bear Naked: You don’t have to be an exhibitionist to enjoy Bear Naked natural granolas. Inspired by the adventures of life, Bear Naked is committed to fueling your every excursion. Whether you eat your granola in a bowl or a bar, you won’t soon get tired of the tasty flavors your body will love. Also try blending your own! Bear Naked offers custom mixing.

5. Cascadian Farms Organic: A leading name in organic food fare, Cascadian Farms is your source for everything from frozen fruits and veggies to cereals, granola bars and even pickle relish. This company is also dedicated to bee preservation and non-GMO farming. Get great recipes for eating better, and be sure to check out our Cascadian Farms page for coupons on organic products.

6. Chobani: The Greek yogurt craze is still going strong, so if your breakfast ritual consists of grabbing a quick cup of yogurt to-go, make sure you’re at least getting the good stuff! Chobani prides itself on using all-natural milk and sweeteners without preservatives or hormones. With delicious flavors like apricot and blackberry (as well as more daring ones like Sriracha-mango), it’s no wonder yogurt remains a morning favorite. Chobani also donates 10% of their profits to charity.

7. CLIF Bar: If you’re into the active lifestyle, chances are you consume plenty of granola or protein bars. Shed the sugar and unhealthy stuff with organic CLIF bars. Sourced responsibly and owned by families and employees, CLIF provides tasty and nutritious fuel for all your adventures. Easy to take on-the-go, CLIF bars come in a variety of flavors for any time of the day. They also make to-go oatmeal for chilly morning comfort food.

8. Earth Balance: Going Vegan? Earth Balance is a great brand to help through your dietary transition. Made from plants and free of eggs and lactose, Earth Balance is a great source for butter, spreads, snacks and more. The company goes beyond just being good for you; it’s good for the planet, too. All of their ingredients are responsibly sourced and made with a purpose. Follow them on Facebook for recipes and offers!

9. Earth’s Best Organic: Your kids’ nutrition is important. Give them a good start with organic baby formula, food, snacks for kids and even personal care items like diapers and shampoo. Earth’s Best practices sustainable farming and contains no harsh chemicals, additives or fillers. For discounts, check out their website.

10. Earthbound Farm Organic: Eating organic fruits and veggies isn’t difficult with help from Earthbound Farm Organic products. Frozen, fresh or dried, their produce is grown and harvested without chemicals. It all began as a small raspberry farm but has since grown to provide everything from mixed greens to tropical fruit blends. Make sure you get your seven servings a day and sign up for coupons!

11. Food Should Taste Good: How can you argue with a brand name like Food Should Taste Good? It starts with simple, delicious ingredients and no GMOs or chemicals. Then, add a pinch of salt and you’ve got delicious, natural snack options like brown rice crackers and kettle chips. This company also believes Food Should Do Good and donates part of its profits to causes that fight childhood hunger.

12. Halos: We’ve all seen the clever commercials about Halos; kids LOVE the sweet taste of mandarin oranges and don’t want to share them. But did you know Halos are all-natural? They’re grown to be sweet and seedless with no GMOs or pesticides, and are just as delicious for adults as they are for kids.

13. Horizon Organic: Specializing in dairy, Horizon products are delicious and come from happy cows who eat organic, too! Responsibly farmed, Horizon makes everything from mac and cheese to chocolate milk. They also have tasty treats like fruit snacks that are a healthy option for kids every day. Want some coupons? We’ve got ‘em!

14. Kashi: Chances are you’ve already seen this brand in the cracker and cereal aisle of your grocery store. Kashi snacks are easy to find and easy to love. Packed with health benefits and 100% organic, you can try everything from granola and cookies to waffles and health bars. Kashi also practices ethical farming and certifies its products as non-GMO.

15. Muir Glen Organic: From pizza to pasta, a lot of our dinnertime favorites contain some form of tomato. Canned fresh from the source, Muir Glen tomatoes are free of chemicals, preservatives and pesticides and pair well with just about anything. Enjoy them diced or whole, or in ketchup, sauce or salsa!

16. Nature’s Path Organic: Eating right begins when the sun comes up. Nature’s Path organic cereals, granolas and breads are an excellent way to start the day. All their products come from whole ingredients and responsible farming, and are packed with nutrients to keep your body happy. There are also gluten-free options available. Try the waffles or toaster pastries; you may never go back to Eggos or Pop Tarts again.

17. Newman’s Own: Newman’s Own organic products are special not just because they’re natural; all of their profits go to charity. Since 1985, this company has donated over $450 million to thousands of charities all over the world. The next time you buy a bottle of salad dressing or sauce, know that you’re contributing to a greater cause. Newman’s Own also makes snack products, beverages and even pet food, one conscious ingredient at a time.

18. Organic Valley: Organic Valley dairy products come from happy cows and happy farmers. A cooperatively owned company, Organic Valley prides themselves on being close to the land and respectful of it. From all-natural eggs, cheese and milk to yogurt, sour cream and even protein shakes, Organic Valley makes it easy to enjoy organic dairy products. Browse our coupons page for extra savings.

19. Pacific Foods: Specializing in soups and broths, Pacific Foods makes 100% organic products with all-natural ingredients. There are options for every diet, from lower sodium to gluten-free, and a variety of flavors. Pacific also makes sauces and non-dairy beverages built on the motto “if you can’t say it, don’t eat it.” Follow them on facebook for money-saving offers and delicious recipes.

20. Plum Organics: Committed to sustainability and responsible food practices, Plum Organics is a great way to introduce your babies and kids to healthy eating. Their offerings range from formula for newborns to delicious lunchbox essentials for older kids. The company is committed to childhood nutrition and ensures their target market is getting the very best every day. Join Club Plum for inbox offers and updates from the company.

21. Rudi’s Organic Bakery: The sandwich: a lunchtime staple. It’s no secret that plain white bread lacks a lot in nutritional value, so amp it up with healthy breads from Rudi’s. Their products contain essential nutrients like whole wheat, grains and seeds. You can also get English muffins and sweet-breads like cinnamon-raisin and pumpkin. Get $1 off any Rudi’s bread on their website!

22. Silk: If you’ve ever heard someone ordering a soy latte at Starbucks, you might be curious about this milk-alternative. Whether or not you’re lactose intolerant, the benefits of plant milks are plentiful. Silk products come from natural sources like almonds, soy and cashews, so they’re easy on digestion but full of nutrients. Also try Silk’s other dairy products like yogurt and all-natural creamers. All Silk products are also non-GMO and contain no artificial sweeteners.

23. Simple Truth: There’s hardly a product that Simple Truth doesn’t make. From delicious, healthy produce, to natural personal care, Simple Truth is a great brand for all your grocery needs. There are approximately 101 additives Simple Truth products do NOT contain, including preservatives and chemicals like MSG and Aspartame. Visit their website to find your nearest store and coupons to use on your next purchase.

24. Simply Organic: Simply Organic sauces, seasonings and dressings are just what your meal needs for extra spice and flavor. Plus, 1% of their profits go to fund organic agriculture. It’s easy to enjoy pure and natural ingredients in everything you make, and Simply Organic offers many coupons and discounts to make eating well affordable.

25. Stonyfield Organic: Known for its delicious yogurts, Stonyfield Organic is built on the value of sustainable farming and doesn’t use growth hormones or pollutants in their products (and they treat their cows well!) All the fruit and add-ins are organic too. They also offer soy options, as well as yummy yogurts just for kids. Visit our coupons page for discounts!

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