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30 Gifts for Gadget Geeks

Never before have there been so many gift options for gadget geeks. Coupon Sherpa has compiled a list of 30 such presents at different price options. Some will make great stocking stuffers and others deserve a special place under the tree.


cat a pult kitty flinger

1. Cat-a-Pult Kitty Flinger: Cubicle battles are childish already: Why not make them absurd too? Unleash the flying fury of tiny cats up to 15 feet. $5.97 from

linux fish

2. The Linux Fish: Confused stares will follow cars with this chrome-plated fish to the trunk, but Linux users will relish secret handshake it signifies between devotees. $3 from

no i will not fix your computer

3. "No I Will Not Fix Your Computer" Bumper Sticker: Are you on the edge of telling computer illiterates to, "Go away before I replace you with a very small shell script!" This is the bumper sticker for you. $2.99 from

itsy bitsy cleaner

4. Spider Screen Cleaner: A true geek doesn't have time to clean monitors, so let this spider do the work. It's soft velvet belly adheres directly to the computer monitor and activates with the pull of a retractable cord. $10 from Uncommon Goods.

Cable Turtle

5. Cable Turtle: Does your geek friend have a nest of cables and cords under his desk? The Cable Turtle stylishly controls cables in one unit. Prices begin at $4.99

handheld voice changer

6. Hand-held Voice Changer: Perfect for prank calls, the Telephone Voice Changer disguises voices by digitizing them. Compatible with all telephones because you simply hold it over the mouthpiece. $9.99

will work for bandwidth

7. "Will Work for Bandwidth" License Plate Holder: Durable black plastic license frame holder. On sale for $4.99 from


finger dance mat

8. Finger Dance Mat: If the geek in your life loves games and could use a bit of dance instruction, the USB-powered Finger Dance Mate allows fingers to get their groove on. A great tension breaker after hours at the computer for $11.99 from

lamgorghini revention rc car

9. Lamborghini Reventon RC Car: Did you miss buying one of the 20 available Lamborghini Reventons for a loved one? This remote-control model is authentic in detail and officially licensed by Lamborghini. $19.95 from

key chain wifi finder

10. Key Chain WiFi Finder: A great gift for those permanently attached to their laptop, this WiFi Finder Key Chain detects available hotspots up to 200 feet with the press of a button. Reduced to $14.95 from

ny times sudoku

11. New York Times Touch-Screen Sudoku Puzzle Game: Play over 800 Sudoku puzzles selected by Will Shortz, America's most famous puzzle master. $19.95 from

blackberry impact case

12. BlackBerry Impact Case: CrackBerry addicts know how easy it is to break these expensive phones, but $20 will solve that problem. Otter Box has carved out a nitch in protective solutions (including waterproof cases) for most cell phones and all iPods. Prices start at $19.95 from

lego ipod speakers

13. LEGO-Looking iPod Speakers: These tiny MP3 speakers look just like the LEGOS we played with as kids (and sometimes as adults), but the Active Bass System provides grown-up sound power in a small package. $19.99 from

led buckle

14. Scrolling LED Belt Buckle: Ideal for dark parties, this belt buckle includes 147 colored LEDs that will display any scrolling message. $19.95 from

computer key caps

15. Novelty Computer Key Caps: Replace "enter," "escape" and other keyboard keys with "duh," "panic" or "oops" in bright colors. $19.99 from

binary clock

16. Anelace Powers-of-2 Binary Clock: Numbers are for wimps. Read the time in three-dimensional binary code -- with a little basic addition. Measures 4x2x4 inches and comes in 12- and 24-hour formats. Prices start at $16.50 from

usb warmer mouse

17. USB Warmer Mouse: The average office building seems to be kept at a refrigerator temperatures. No matter how many sweaters you wear, your mouse hand is ice-cube cold. Thus this warmer mouse, which heats up with the flip of a switch. $20 from

scratch n scroll mouse pad

18. Scratch-n-Scroll Mousepad: Toss out all those sticky notes and use your finger or the included stylus to scribble reminders directly onto the Scratch-n-ScrollMousepad. Erase by simply lifting up the top sheet. $14.99 from


star trek cologne

19. Star Trek Red Shirt Cologne: Tomorrow may never come if you're a red-shirted extra on Star Trek. Why not smell good while being vaporized? $29.99

knet laser board game

20. Khet Laser Board Game: As with all the best games, the rules of this laser-tag game are easy to learn but take a lifetime to master. Each player has a laser that is aimed by bouncing from mirror to mirror. If you eliminate your opponent's Pharaoh, you win. If you eliminate your own Pharaoh, you will be mocked for all time. $27.95 from

rubberband rifle

21. S.W.A.T. Rubber Band Shotgun: Perfect for reducing tension during those long coding session, this replica of a S.W.A.T. team gun is a 24-shot rifle that fires two rubber bands with each pull of the trigger. $29.99

flashing golfball

22. Flashing Golf Ball: Golf fanatics can play after sunset without endless hunts for the ball. This battery-powered golf ball flashes for five minutes after being hit. $29

soundtrack shirt

23. Personal Soundtrack T-shirt: Reality show participants have soundtracks: Why not you? This wearable audio solution features a working speaker embedded into the front of the T-shirt. Push a button to play music or sound effects. $29.99

chil matt for netbooks

24. Targus Chill Mat for Laptops: Some laptops run so hot you could work on them outdoors in winter. The Chill Mat includes two fans that generate cool air to keep the laptop from overheating. It plugs directly into theUSB port so you don't have to search for another outlet. offers chill pads for a variety of laptops at around $25.

electric rock guitar

25. The Electronic Rock Guitar T-shirt: Put on you Rock Guitar T-shirt and crank the amp up to 11. This is a real musical instrument on the front of a T-shirt that's easy to play because each button on the neck is a major chord. $29.99

geek clock

26. Geek Clock: The numerals on this mathematical geek's clock have been replaced with the equivalent notation. Solve the equation to determine the time. $25 from

turbo air blower

27. Turbo Air Blower: Eating too many Cheetos at the computer? This sleek, cordless air blower cleans keyboards in a flash. Also use it to clean your car's interior, once you've removed all fast-food containers and Red Bull cans. $39.95 fromBrookstone .com.


darth vader robotic arm

28. Darth Vader Robotic Arm: Darth Vader crushed his enemies with an iron fist. Now that fist is yours to command by manipulating the controls to grip and move real objects. Warning: Strangulations with the Darth Vader Robotic Arm are prohibited by law. $44.99 from

wireless key finder

29. Wireless Key Finder: Keys disappear faster than socks in the dryer. Press one of the color-coded pager buttons on this compact wireless transmitter and the matching key fob will send out a loud alarm from up to 60 feet away. $49.95

Pet's eye view camera

30. Pet's-Eye View Digital Camera Collar: Walk a mile in your pets' paws by attaching this digital camera to their collar. $49.99 from


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