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30 Trendy Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for a Halloween costume that is totally on-trend? Let everyone else dress as a vampire this year. We've got 30 ideas for Halloween costumes that are ripped straight from the hottest blogs, YouTube videos and gossip-rag headlines.

Our list includes concepts for singletons, couples and groups. Many can be created with a minimum of fuss and money, although some require a bit of forethought and cash outlay. Since we've given you 30 ideas -- count 'em, 30! -- you'll surely find the right costume to suit your needs. If you need a bit of assistance, check out our costume coupons for special deals from a variety of stores.


Double Rainbow Guy with rainbow

1. Double Rainbow Guy (YouTube Phenomenon I)
This is an easy costume, but you've gotta take it "All the way, man." Dig out that old Horatio Sanz costume, add facial hair, a muscle t-shirt and an overwhelming love for rainbows while sounding stoned on ecstasy.

2. Vuvuzela Guy/Gal (World Cup Fan)
The most annoying noise-makers in the world were a hit at this year's World Cup but will likely be less than a Halloween hit if you insist on blowing yours all night. String a series of these plastic horns together, hang them around your neck, paint your face in crazy fan colors and you're set to go.

3. Trolololo Guy (YouTube Phenomenon II)
The original Trolololo Guy hails from the former Soviet Union, but there are so many YouTube versions of his wordless tune that this Dapper Dan has become an international sensation.

For the basic version of baritone Eduard Khil, combine a horrid hair piece with a yellow shirt, gold tie and brown polyester double-breasted suit and you are in serious business. For a more Halloweenesque affect, add a zombie mask or make-up.

Tony Hayward with BP logo

4. Tony Hayward (BP CEO)
Sport a yachting outfit, complete with captain's hat, and carry a black, oily substance that you randomly spill at inopportune times in sensitive places. Let everyone know, "I want my life back!"

Tiger Woods with Nike logo

5. Tiger Woods (Former Golf Great and Cheating Spouse)
Recreate the infamous "Tiger and Earl" Nike commercial with a twist. Top a white polo shirt with a black vest and don a black Nike baseball cap. For the true capper, pin half-naked Barbies to the ensemble and spend the evening texting.

For a couples' theme, add Elin Nordegren to your ensemble. The ex-wife simply carries a golf club and occasionally beats up a toy car.

6. Sue Sylvester (Cheerleading Coach)
Even if you don't like "Glee," you gotta love snarky Sue Sylvester. The trash-talking, track-suit addicted cheerleading coach is the best part of the show. Ladies who want to avoid a half-clothed costume this year need only don a short blond wig with a name-brand track suit and hurl insults at everyone in sight, particularly curly haired men. "You have enough product in your hair to season a wok."

Old Spice Guy looking hot

7. Old Spice Guy (Advertising Phenomenon)
Isaiah Mustafa is a super easy last-minute costume, if you have washboard abs and a gleam in your eye. Just wrap a towel around your buff self and talk with that, "I'm-the-sexiest-cartoon-in-the-world" accent. Extra points for wearing a monocle or riding a horse.

Snooki and The Situation

8. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino (Reality Show Addict)
Borrow Snooki's fake tan bottle and go orange. Cut off the bottom half of a black muscle shirt and draw fake abs with an eyebrow pencil. Wear with a pair of low-rider jeans, a swagger and a sneer and you're all set for Halloween. Make sure you practice the sideways "peace" gesture before leaving. Nail it by demonstrating your mad fist-pumping skills all evening.

9. Snooki ("New Jersey Shore" Resident Drunk)
Slather on the fake tan lotion until your skin is bright orange. Buy a black wig and bump it into the heavens. It doesn't really matter what you wear, as long as you look slutty. Hollywood Exoticwear coupons should get you just what you need.

Once you've got the outfit, act drunk and obnoxious and keep saying, "I'm sorry, your honor." Alternate with, "I wanna be Lindsay Lohan!"

The A Team

10. Mr. T ("A" Team Muscle Man)
Hollywood has a hankering for 1980s TV shows, which means Mr. T is back in all his blinging glory. After you've gathered sufficient fake jewelry, pair a camo vest and pants with black t-shirt and top it all off with a Mohawk and a bad-ass 'tude. For a group costume, add the rest of the team, including Hannibal, B.A. and (sigh) Faceman.

11. Justin Bieber (Tween Dream)
Start with a black t-shirt, jeans, layered jacket and a mop of tween-tastic hair that you constantly bobble flip to the right side. (The RIGHT side being very important.) Add a tiny spaceman trophy and a shy smile, then top with your karaoke version of "You Smile, I Smile" or any of the teen heart throb's other insipid songs.

12. A Na'vi ("Avatar" Character)
Blue is the new black this Halloween. With the re-release of James Cameron's 3-D flick and his Oscar loss to a ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow, Avatar costumes should be hot this year. You'll need to stock up on the cerulean blue paint, leotards, tights, feathers and eco-minded outfits to pull off the fictional inhabitants of Pandora.

13. Jan Brewer (Arizona Governor)
Tan yourself like you're Snooki then add a yellow suit, blond wig and speak with exceedingly long, awkward pauses. Don't forget to ask everyone at your party for proof of citizenship and talk about headless bodies.

14. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Movie/Novel Heroine)
Play with fire, kick a hornet's nest and temporary-tattoo your body with dragons for this year's kickiest costume. It's a natural for Goths who see the new age of vampire fans as Johnny-come-latelies.

Kal Penn with himself

15. Kal Penn (Actor/Politico)
Last year Kumar ditched Harold, "House" and Hollywood for Washington, D.C.. Doesn't he deserve a little love this year? Portraying the actor turned Obama adviser requires a conservative suit, flag pin and a bag of White Castle hamburgers.

16. Betty White (Comeback Queen)
This is your basic old-lady costume spiced up with a handful of trophies. (Pick up old bowling and soccer trophies at thrift stores.) Slap on labels like "Betty White Best Kiss MTV Award." Talk in double innuendos all evening and kiss both girls and hot guys randomly.

Tim Tebow with eye black Biblical verse

17. Tim Tebow (Denver Bronco's Back-Up Quarterback)
Known as much for his religious beliefs as any football prowess, playing the Heisman-winning quarterback requires two things: An orange-and-blue uniform and eye black emblazoned with Biblical verses (John 3:16, Proverbs 3:5-6) in whiteout.

18. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder)
The barely fictionalized star of "The Social Network" wanted the attention of the clubs, "Because they're special," so why not give him some attention this Halloween? Costume requirements are simple, including a hoodie, jeans and beleaguered look. It's the key phrases that make the costume: "As for the charges, I believe I deserve some recognition from this board." "This is our time!" And the kicker, "You know what's cool. A billion dollars. That's what's cool."

Dexter and child

19. Dexter Morgan (America's Favorite Serial Killer)
Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy costumes aren't much fun, mostly because they were real-life monsters. Dearly delectable Dexter, however, is a different story. Wear a curly wig, blood-soaked apron and carry a trash bag of fake limbs. Be sure to act generally distanced and weird, yet sport an eerily charming smile. Oh, and don't forget a knife or two. Or three.

20. "Pants on the Ground" Guy (Songwriter and Performer General Larry Platt )
American Idol spawns many a flash-in-the-pan star, and this year was no exception. General Larry Platt's all black outfit, sunglasses-at-night styling and bad breakdancing weren't quite enough to turn him into an Internet meme. The key to this costume is the endless repetition of the General's single-line lyric, "Pants on the ground."


Katy Perry and Russell Brand

21. Katy Perry and Russell Brand (Pop Music Star and Her Hanger-On Fiancé)
She kissed a girl and he looks like he's kissed lots of guys. What a perfect pair! Songstress Katy is a bright morning lark, so slather yourself in day-glow colors with a childish flair. Don't forget the cherry Chapstick.

To achieve the fey British comedian's tumbled-out-of-bed look, forgo shaving and combing your hair for several days. Smear on the guy-liner and dress entirely in black, then hang on your gal pal's every note because she's your ticket to TMZ stardom.

22. Housewives of..Pick Your City
Dress glamorously but sleazily. Pick arguments with each other all evening and throw drinks, chairs, whatever comes to hand. Making grand entrances and storming out of every room is de rigueur, darling.

Lady Gaga in Bubble Dress

23. Lady Gaga
There are so many costumes from which to choose you can't pick just one. Blow up a pile of white balloons and attach them to a leotard. Buy slabs of meat and do the same. (Don't forget the hat.) Or just put on the skimpiest possible outfit -- sans pants like "Telephone" co-star Beyonce -- and wear lace over your face. If you want the complete look, including pop cans in the hair.

24. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock
The concept is simple: Grab four friends and spend the night as living representations of "The Big Bang Theory"'s funky ro-sham-bo. Costuming can be as intricate or lackadaisical as you like, from full facepaint and suits to simply writing what you are on a plain t-shirt. Don't become separated or run the risk of looking absolutely lame.

25. The Blue Man Group
Say what you want, but the Blue Man Group really knows how to rock toilet paper rolls. Playing this performance-art trio requires black clothing, blue grease paint over latex bald caps and a willingness to do strange things in complete silence. To perform at the party, simply drum on all available surfaces with percussive sticks of your own making, be it carrots, TP rolls or actual drumsticks.

26. The Toy Story 3-D Gang
Mix and match as you like, but required characters include a girl (Jessie) and boy (Woody) cowboy, a spaceman (Buzz), one purple teddy bear (Lotso) and a giant, diapered baby doll (Big Baby) with painted-on tear. Add a boy headed off to college (Andy) and you'll have your audience in real tears.

Alice in Wonderland cast in costume

27. Alice in Wonderland
Descend through Director Tim Burton's rabbit hole for a macabre Halloween. Costume shops will have their own versions and you can get two-for-one versions with certain coupons.

Everyone will fight this year to play the Mad Hatter, since Johnny Depp and costumers created the best look of battered clothing covered in bobbins, thimbles, hat pins, etc. Sadly, the role of Queen of Hearts is forfeit to the partier with the biggest head. Don't forget your sweet Alice (any flouncy blue prom dress will do) and green-spectacled caterpillar with hookah.

28. JK Wedding Dance Party
If you haven't seen Jill & Kevin's Wedding Video you probably haven't heard of YouTube either. To replicate the wedding party grooving to Chris Brown's infectious tune "Forever," (forever spoiled by this video), bridesmaids dress in pink and purple with groomsmen in beige pants and vests and white shirts. Don't forget the sunglasses, pink bouquets and boutonnieres. The groom is in full three-piece beige suit and the bride, naturally, wears white. Occasional pauses for slow-mo dancing are acceptable.

29. Mad Men
Lots of cigarettes. Lots of scotch. Lots of dark suits, starched shirts and skinny ties. Sounds like lots of fun.

Add to the action by spouting out old ad campaign slogans:  "Please don't squeeze the Charmin!" "Winston tastes a cigarette should." "My wife, I think I'll keep her." "Where's the Beef?" "I've fallen and I can't get up!" "I can't believe I ate the whole thing."

The Expendables

30. Cast of "The Expendables"
Who will you be a grizzled, near-geriatric Stallone or actor-turned-governor-turned-cameo Ah-nuld? Grab an army's worth of Uzi's, sling an ammo belt across your shoulder, and prepare to rock 'n' roll in campy '80s fashion. To make things interesting, spit one-liners from the superior action flicks that inspired this one, like "Get to the choppah!" and "Yippee ki-yay, mother..." Well, you know the rest.

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