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5 High Tech Tricks to Maximize Coupons

Did you know using coupons no longer requires schlepping through the local newspaper with scissors at the ready? Technology now allows you to combine two modern preoccupations: Playing on the computer and saving money.

Finding and ascertaining the quality of coupons can be something of a game...a game that will save you money on your next grocery run or high-def TV purchase. As with any game, however, there are certain tricks that can help make you a real winner:

1. Identify and Monitor
There seemingly are as many coupon code sites as there are clever t-shirts for sale online. Not all are worth your time. The best sites are easy to navigate; user friendly; include such handy tracking options as RSS; are updated regularly; and focus on products that interest you.

2. Track On Toolbar
Use your couponing toolbox wisely. Sample various RSS readers to find the one you like best. Keep an eye on one or two Twitter accounts as an alternative way to subscribe to updates delivered directly to your phone. Finally, use services that allow alternative methods of subscription.

3. There's an App For That
The Coupon Sherpa mobile application and other apps give you access to hundreds of in-store coupons on your own phone. Simply download the app, find the coupon you want and have the cashier scan it in. This app also allows you to email coupons to friends or to yourself for future printing.

4.  Use a Calculator
Some coupons are clever "fakes." Sellers increase the price of a product and then offer a discount, so the end price ends up even higher than in your local store, which offers no discount at all. Take your time and compare prices so you'll end up with the best deal.

5. Load 'em Up
You can load all your online food coupons directly onto your loyalty cards, eliminating the hassle of clipping or printing coupons. The savings will automatically be deducted the next time you swipe your loyalty card at the cash register.

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