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5 Places to Purchase a Pre-Cooked Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving stress increases each year.  And I’m not exactly sure why.  Green bean casserole and sweet potatoes haven’t exactly evolved into more complex dishes over the years, yet somehow the holiday to-do list grows every season.  More and more families are waving the white flag and ordering pre-cooked holiday meals from their favorite restaurants to cut back on arguments while enjoying great tasting meals.  If you’re in the same boat this year, you have several options from which to pick:

Luby’s Holiday Feast Menu

This southern cafeteria –style joint is no longer limited to the senior citizen crowd.  Luby’s has done a lot of revamping in the last several years and the holiday packages are no exception.  Their online ordering system is easy and quick, just make sure you place your order 48 hours in advance.  All meals come pre-cooked but require heating.  Larger groups of 10-12 people can choose from the Premium, Signature, or Select Feasts that include meat, dressings, and a small dessert ranging from $79.99-$109.99.  You’ll need to order the Add-On package for sides and tea.  A smaller crowd of 4-6 can enjoy the Select Feast for just $44.99.

Boston Market Heat and Serve Banquets
Having enjoyed a Boston Market meal for last Christmas, I can attest to their tasty trimmings, turkey, and rich side dishes.  Directions are clear and easy to read (also online in case they fall into the gravy) plus the corn bread melts in your mouth.  Depending on your family needs, choose from the Complete or Essentials banquet menus.  A Complete Whole Turkey Banquet for 12 includes artichoke dip and crackers, 11 lb. turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry relish, gravy, vegetable stuffing, cornbread, and two pies for just $84.99.  Boston Market also offers ham or boneless turkey banquets for about the same price.  You can order large gourmet sides separately for $8.99 each. 

Dine Wise
Dine Wise offers a food shipment service for just about any occasion and diet.  The downsides are shipping costs and a bit higher overall price.  A turkey or pork dinner for 6-7 including stuffing, two side, and a pumpkin pie will run you between $113.99-$149.99 plus $20+ in shipping costs.  Dine Wise has a wide following, but to take advantage of the 2 meals free deal, you’ll have to order $199 worth of food—which isn’t difficult with so many holiday menus around the corner.

Marie Callender’s Take Home Holiday Feasts
Traditional, home-cooked taste is a staple at Marie Callender’s.  Their Thanksgiving meals serve 6-8 per feast.  From the basic Turkey Feast ($99) to the Ultimate Turkey and Ham Feast ($149.99) Marie Callender’s is reasonably priced and includes several sides with each package.  More holiday sides may be purchased separately.  Each package is accompanied by a picture so you have a clear idea of what is being ordered.  Allow 24 hours to process your online order and enjoy!

Honey Baked Ham
We all love the brown-sugary baked hams that have made the Honey Baked Ham franchise a house-hold name.  But don’t stop at the meat—HBH also offers holiday meal packages at reasonable prices.  The Bountiful Ham Buffet serves 12 and comes with an 8 lb. ham, potatoes au gratin, broccoli rice casserole, two loaves of bread, and two desserts for only $143.95.  Other packages include meat only, meat and dessert, and the smokehouse collection.  If you order online within the next week, get $10 off the list price.

*Our Favorite Pick: Boston Market can’t be beat for price and quality. Increase the number of side dishes or desserts with the money you’ll save on staples.

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