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6 Ways to Donate Your Extreme Couponing Surplus

In these rough times, sharing the benefit of our couponing wisdom is an idea that deserves to reach meme status. As consumer pockets have emptied, many non-profits are hurting even more. So maybe it's time to share the coupon wealth. Here are six ways you can make an impact using coupons without having to lay out your hard-earned cash.

1. Family and Friends
Do you have neighbors, friends or family members in need? Let them shop for free in your stockpile storage room.

2. Homeless Shelters
The ranks of the homeless have swelled to include many who previously enjoyed good jobs and owned their own homes. Families with small children now live from day to day and many don't have the luxury of a kitchen. Ask your local shelters what items they most need before donating.

3. Churches
Some churches are setting up temporary homeless shelters to handle the overflow. Those with kitchens are able to help feed these people, but they often depend on food donations. Some churches also seek food donations to help the less well off in their congregations.

4. Food Banks
Here's the obvious place for your extreme couponing surplus. To locate your local food bank, check out

5. Women's Shelters
Here's another non-profit sector that's been hard hit by the Recession while experiencing an increase in need for its services. Some women's shelters have even begun using private homes to house desperate women (and men). Visit for a nationwide listing.

6. Donate Leftover Newspapers
Waste not, want not. Animal shelters appreciate newsprint leftover from clipping coupons for use in lining pet cages.

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