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7 High-Tech Grocery Shopping Aids You Can't Live Without

While grocery shopping may not be your favorite chore, modern technology, can make this time-consuming process less traumatic and perhaps a teensy bit fun.

Take a gander at the following seven apps and online resources and see if you don't agree.

1. Netgrocer -- Free
Don't have a car or just reeeeaaaally hate going to the grocery store? allows you to make your selections online then delivers them to your door via FedEx. Naturally, you pay for the privilege, but nothing is perfect.

2. Grocery iQ -- Free
This smart-phone app helps you build a shopping list based on the layout of your favorite grocery store and then integrate coupons into your list.

3. Groceries -- $1.99
Some people prefer the Groceries iPhone app over Grocery iQ because of its ability to manage multiple lists at the same time. Groceries also allows you to edit for your store's specific layout and share lists via email.

4. Printable Grocery Coupons -- Free
Coupon Sherpa is your resource to hundreds of grocery coupons, and the insider's dope on using those nifty slips of paper. Coupon Sherpa also has exclusive mobile coupons on the free Coupon Sherpa app that can be scanned at various retailers such as Sports Authority and Zales.

5. MyGroceryDeals -- Free
This website lets you browse local store circulars in one place and create a shopping list based on the ads. The "Nutri-Know" feature helps you research the nutritional content of products before you buy and flags any allergies in your profile. Registration is required and you must pay a fee for premium membership.

6. -- Free is a website for shoppers who want to know what others are buying. In truth, it's "the world's largest online collection of found grocery lists." Silly, in a way, but actually quite fascinating.

7. The Grocery Game - $1.25/week per store
The Grocery Game publishes a weekly list of the lowest-priced products at your supermarket or drugstore and matches them with manufacturers' coupons and specials, both advertised and unadvertised. You pay for each store they research, then log in each week and print your shopping list.

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