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8 Tips to Effective Coupon Stacking

More frequently, stores are allowing coupon stacking, or combining store and manufacturer coupons for multiple savings.

Store coupons are usually found in newspaper fliers, at store websites and on store shelves next to the product. The Internet also is a great place to find downloadable and mobile coupons. Store coupons will have the words "Store Coupon" or "Retailer Coupon," along with the name of the issuing store.

But wait -- there's more. Multi-stacking is the practice of combining store and manufacturer coupons with additional money-back offers. Such deals typically offer instant savings at the register or a money-back coupon that prints at the register for savings on your next shopping trip.

Here are eight basic tips to make your coupons pull double duty.

1. Where To Shop
Many supermarkets, department stores, drug stores and outlet malls allow double stacking.

2. Supermarket Stacking
Check your local paper for sales on grocery items. Match sale items with coupons you've already found. Check the Internet for manufacturer or store coupons. When possible, totally max out your savings by shopping on the day stores offer double coupons.

3. Department Stores
Department stores frequently try to create a sense of urgency by offering extra discounts on specific sale days or hours. Shop clearance racks during these sales and double up your coupons for deep, deep savings. For example, take a pair of shoes marked down from $80 to $40. Combine that with a $10 manufacturer coupon and a $10 incentive coupon from the store and you pay a grand total of $20 for your new shoes. Make sure the store accepts these coupons before you purchase.

4. Drug Store Discounts
It's easy to forget that drug stores offer excellent coupon and sales opportunities. Find drug store coupons in newspaper inserts, weekly sales books and online.

5. Outlet Malls
Because outlet malls have fallen somewhat out of fashion, many are trying to lure back shoppers with frequent-buyer clubs and coupon books. The clubs offer bounce-back dollars every time you spend money at their mall. The coupon books apply to specific merchants and often allow you to sign up for email or snail-mail notices of special shopping sales.

6. Free Shipping Coupons
When shopping online, you can further compound your savings with reduced or free shipping coupons. For example, you can combine amerchant free shipping code with a manufacturer or store coupon.

7. At Check Out
Always hand the cashier your manufacturer coupons first and store coupons second.

8. Keep It Legal
It's considered coupon fraud to use more than one store or one manufacturer item on a single item.

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