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Learn 6 Frugal Labor Day Travel Tips

Farewell, summer: We barely knew ye! Hello Labor Day travel: You're our last opportunity to bask in the sun.

If summer revelry depleted your entertainment account, you're going to need help finding Labor Day travel deals for one final fling. That can be difficult -- but not impossible -- so close to Labor Day 2016. The following six tips will help save the day, or weekend, by combining smart planning with smart savings.

Learn 6 Frugal #LaborDay #Travel Tips | Coupon Sherpa

1. Social Network Your Way to a Deal
Use all your resources to spread the last-minute word you're seeking specials for Labor Day travel. Your social-network might connect you with someone who can't use a rental or would like to team up on a share. They also might have heard of special offers or Labor Day events that might interest you.

2. Use Travel Coupons
Coupons aren't just for groceries, you know. CheapOStay coupons offer some jaw-dropping savings on hotels around the world. coupons provide airfare discounts on everything from family bookings to last-minute tickets.

If you're stuck in town this Labor Day, use Dollar Rent-a-car and Thrifty Rent-A-Car System coupon codes to rent a pimped-out ride and slash your home streets in blazing style.

3. Stay At An In-Town Hotel
A hotel get-away can be even more relaxing than a flight to the Bahamas and much cheaper. Check to see if your favorite hotel is offering a special Labor Day package. They might even throw in a spa package, if you're lucky. is a good place to start looking for savings if you don't have a favorite hostelry already selected.

4. Register for Airline Bargain Notifications
If you want to get out of town but don't care where you go, register with to receive regular emails about last minute travel bargains specific to your home airport.

Check out booking sites that let you set fare alerts for certain routes, so you’ll receive notification when prices change by a pre-determined amount. You can keep an eye on several destinations at once, then let the cheapest fare determine where you spend Labor Day.

Naturally, you'll need to calculate into the price all the extra charges for travel gear like luggage, as well as food, bathroom use, etc. Check AirFareWatchdog for updated reports on baggage fees by airline. Don't forget some carriers are charging a special peak-travel surcharge.

5. Check Advertising
Start scanning your favorite newspapers and magazines for cheap travel package ads. When you find one you like, be sure to book it right away as they're usually booked quickly by other savvy frugal travelers.

6. Carry Size-Compliant Baggage
Airlines seem to continually change the size and weight limits they allow for carry-on baggage. Use eBags coupons to buy the latest in size-compliant baggage and refer to these tips from the Federal Aviation Administration for measurement specifics.

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