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Macy's Coupon Policy: 10 Ways to Save More

Macy's made headlines recently with its announcement about a coupon policy change which impacts bargain shoppers.

According to the retail giant, shoppers will no longer be able to apply coupons to clearance items. Previously, Macy's allowed certain coupons for clearance items, making the lowest-priced items even cheaper.

Despite this blow to bargain shoppers, the news is not all bad. Macy's will still allow coupons for sale items and suggests overall clearance prices will be cheaper going forward. What's more, clearance inventory will be placed in specific areas in the store and clearly marked.

Whether or not you believe Macy's in their declaration that clearance prices will be better with this coupon policy change, there are still several ways to get the best deal at the popular retailer. Here are several strategies to ensure you save the most money every time you shop at Macy's.

10 Ways to Save More at Macy's | Coupon Sherpa

1. Shop the One-Day Sales.
When it comes to saving money at Macy's, their One-Day sales are by far the best value. These events occur several times per year and offer discounts of up to 65% in some cases, on everything from apparel to home goods to baby products. The event name is a bit of a misnomer since these sales occur on Saturdays but typically offer a "preview" on Friday when shoppers can first review and take advantage of the savings. Typically, you can save even more with a Macy's savings pass which can be accessed instantly on our coupon app.

2. Carry your coupons.
Though coupons can no longer be applied to clearance item, they're still valuable savings tools for sale and full-priced items. Keep [URl merchant macys]Macy's coupons[/URL] with you by downloading the Coupon Sherpa app for instant access to the deals. Just scroll through the list of available offers and show your smartphone to the cashier for scanning.

3. Save with online-only sales (plus free return shipping!).
Macy's offers a ton of savings online, from general discounts to department-specific deals like an extra 20% off lingerie or up to 50% off handbags. Since these sales may not exist in store, it's important to compare online pricing and deals before you buy. Plus, Macy's offers free return shipping, making it easier to click "purchase" when you know you can return something without those pesky return shipping fees. Finally, you can also get additional savings when you pick up your online order in store: you'll receive a coupon for 15% to 20% off your next purchase upon pickup!

4. Save shopping for holiday weekends.
Like many retailers, Macy's offers mega savings during holiday weekends like President's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and the like. Holding off on making your purchase until this holiday weekends will offer savings of at least 20% off, plus additional discount when you apply Macy's coupon codes or in-store offers.

5. Save up for end-of-season sales.
In addition to holiday weekend savings, Macy's offers deep discounts during end-of-season sales. Right now, you can find up to 75% off winter apparel and accessories like coats, snow boots, sweaters and more. In August and September, you'll see similar sales and clearance prices on summer apparel and accessories. Same goes for home goods — mattresses are often at their best sale price during Memorial Day since new styles are released over the summer, while bedding is best bought in January during the annual White Sale in which linens and bathroom items are heavily discounted. Shopping these end-of-season sales at Macy's always results in big savings!

6. Use discount gift cards.
Still feeling salty about Macy's coupon policy change? Perk up, dear shopper: you can still get discounts on top of clearance prices when you shop with discount gift cards. Buying gift cards to Macy's at less than face value is a Summit Saver move which can save you an additional 10-15% off in most cases. Check Gift Card Granny for the latest offers on discount gift cards for Macy's and use them to make your next purchase.

7. Consider a store card.
Macy's store card holders receive access to exclusive discounts and savings, in addition to a one-time new member discount of up to 20% off. While these savings are tempting, be sure their card is right for you. If you shop frequently at Macy's and can pay off balances in full every month, it's likely a good deal. If staying on top of credit card payments (and avoiding deals and discounts) is challenging for you, skip the credit card and stick to discount gift cards and store coupons for extra savings.

8. Seek out price adjustments.
There's nothing more frustrating than purchasing something for a great deal, only to find its price drops even further just a few days later. However, shoppers can receive a refund for the difference in price in some cases. Macy's price adjustment policy is pretty standard: if the price of something you purchased drops within 14 days, you can request a refund. You must present your receipt or order number to receive the refund.

9. Sign up for savings.
Like many retailers, Macy's offers coupons, deal alerts and more to loyal email subscribers. Sign up to receive these messages and also consider following them on Facebook and Twitter for additional savings. Pro tip: create a separate email just for promotional messages so you don't clutter up your inbox with retail offers.

10. Get extra discounts on registry items.
Walking down the aisle soon or expecting a bundle of joy? Register with Macy's and receive an extra 15% to 20% registry items not purchased by your guests. For even deeper discounts, register for Macy's gift cards which you can use toward the purchase of those discounted registry items, or refer to tip 6 above for details on purchasing discount gift cards.

What are your favorite tips for saving more at Macy's?

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