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How to Score Bottomless Pasta + Trip to Italy for $200

20 How to Score Bottomless Pasta + Trip to Italy for $200 | Coupon Sherpa

There's nothing quite like the delicious combo of pasta and sauce, though pasta and sauce and a trip to Italy might be the exception.

Olive Garden, everyone's favorite Italian restaurant chain, is upping its annual pass for pasta lovers in a big way this year. Check it out:


1) The Never Ending Pasta Pass is back effective Sept. 14, offering eight glorious weeks of never-ending pasta dishes for $100 plus tax. That's one week longer than previous events!

2) For the first time, Olive Garden is offering a Pasta Passport to Italy to the first 50 customers who buy the pass when it becomes available on Sept. 14. In addition to eight weeks of never-ending pasta, Pasta Passport purchasers receive an 8-day, 7-night trip to Italy for two for just $200 plus tax.


That's right: $200-ish dollars and you and your favorite travel buddy get an all-expenses-paid trip to Italy, including round-trip airfare; transportation to/from your local airport and the airport in Italy; accommodations at a four-star hotel; group transportation in Italy; and three meals per day. The trip occurs between April 7 and April 14, 2018, and is all booked by a third-party travel agent.

Even if you miss out on the sweet trip to Italy, getting your hands on the Never Ending Pasta Pass is a pretty big deal. You'll receive unlimited servings of pasta, sauce and topping (single topping per order), as well as all the soup, salad and breadsticks you can possibly stand. This promotion is not for carbohydrate intolerant, and will be available between September 25 and November 19. The fine print also says that Never Ending Pasta Pass meals cannot be shared. We can't imagine how they enforce that!


This is all very exciting, but it's important for customers to keep in mind that all 21,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes sold out in one second last year, so your odds of getting the Pasta Passport are pretty slim. But at least 50 people are going to get them, right? Why not you? Why not all the people you're going to tell about this promotion in exchange for making you their travel buddy if they win?

For those interested in buying the Never Ending Pasta Pass and Pasta Passport to Italy, head to before 2pm ET on September 14, and do not allow for any interruptions! Get ready to hit refresh the nanosecond the clock strikes 2pm.

Good luck!

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