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One Per Week: 52 Frugal Blogs by Popularity

It may be just a coincidence, but the start of the recession and frugal-living lifestyles coincided rather handily with the rise of blogging. The timing proved to most fortuitous, providing consumers with a previously unavailable depth of frugal information.

There are thousands of blogs dedicated to the subject from every possible angle. People blog about Christian frugals, student frugals, low-income and high-income frugals, grocery coupons and the every-popular mommy frugals.

We invested many hours to bring you 52 frugal blogs -- one for every week of the year. Instead of listing them alphabetically, we decided to rank blogs by the size of their following.

1. Manage Your Life (on
Yahoo has expanded its popular site to include money- and home-management information. The format is attractive and the writers are knowledgeable. Posts cover a wide variety of unique and thoughtful topics.

2. It's Your Money
The popularity of this blog is partly related to its home on Time Magazine's website, but the quality of the blog posts live up to its ranking. Blogger Brad Tuttle is a contributing editor for Budget Travel who has written for the New York Times, Newsweek, Newsday and many other prestigious publications. I short, he really knows his stuff and writes like a dream. Brad also sprinkles his posts with a touch of humor, like the popular posts, "The Recession That Will Never End" and "Blondes Have More...Money." 

3. Planet Money
Not specifically a frugal blog, NPR's Planet Money helps us little people understand the ups and downs of our economy and how they impact our lives. Blog posts and podcasts are easy to understand and full of useful content. The writers also have a sense of humor, as in the post about a researcher who gauges the economy by Craigslist prices for sofas.

4. Wallet Pop
Wallet Pop explains how the stories of the day will affects our wallets. The team of award-winning journalists cover consumer protection, taxes, credit and loans, and paying for college and retirement.

5. The Consumerist
This online resource provides consumer-driven advice about everything from non-existent customer service to onerous cell-phone contracts. In partnership with Consumer Reports magazine, The Consumerist also suggests how to fight back against the persistent and shameless gaffes of modern consumerism.

6. Wisebread
The Wisebread  community of contributors serves as guide for the new generation of money-conscious consumers who "ooze class, love having fun and know life is exactly what you make of it (and not how much you make)."

7. BlogHer
BlogHer isn't a traditional blog, or even a frugal blog; but it's well worth including here for it's money section, written by some of the funniest and best-informed women in the blogosphere. Bookmark this site, if only for posts like "Mommy Wants a Convertible" and "Dick Clark: When Is It Time to Step Away?"

8. Deal Seeking Mom
Tara Kuczykowski is a former career professional "trying to reconcile champagne tastes with a tap-water budget." Deal Seeking Mom  teaches consumers how to stretch their budgets and make room for occasional splurges.

9. Get Rich Slowly
So many frugalistas write about recovering from debt in fast-forward speed. Get Rich Slowly believes getting out of debt and developing a cash cushion take time and patience. Topics covered include bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, insurance and general get-out-of-debt info.

10. Money Saving Mom
Crystal Paine is another stay-at-home mom, but she's no Johnny Come Lately to frugal living. This Money Saving Mom learned couponing, menu planning and other frugal practices at her mother's knee. Paine's writing voice is upbeat and encouraging, without being preachy.

11. Here's the Deal
Although frugalista Jill Kelley writes for the Dayton Daily News, her blog provides advice applicable to all American consumers.

12. Moolanomy
This 36-year-old Internet executive started Moolanomy to improve his money-management skills and build alternative income while sharing the process with other consumers.

13. Mom Advice
This blog blog is written by two moms who wish to impart their wisdom on all things parenting and frugal living.

14. The Simple Dollar
Trent Hamm explores personal finances from the perspective of a 20-something consumer and former "spending maniac." The Simple Dollar examines methods of fighting debt and bad spending habits while building a financially secure future.

15. Bargaineering
Jim Wang started Bargaineering five years ago and has grown the blog into a media and consumer darling. Thanks to Wang's financial philosophy and insightful writing, his work has been cited in the New York Times, Business Week and American Public Media's Marketplace Money radio program.

16. Frugal Families
The frugal portion of the website includes both blogs and forums to create an interactive community of frugalistas.

17. The Frugal Map
The Frugal Map is unique and extremely useful. Resources include a listing of drug stores, grocery stores and super centers, with links to each store's website, coupon policy, loyalty card program and weekly ad. The interactive Frugal Map sends you to frugal websites for most states, with links to store specials in your home state.

18. The Digerati Life
Based in California's Silicon Valley, The Digerati Life is heavy on financial reviews and how-to pieces covering complex topics like the best credit cards, discount brokers, financial institutions and more. If you're serious about managing your investments, Digerati is for you.

19. Simple Mom
Tish Oxenreider is the founder of Simple Mom, Simple Kids, Simple Organic, Simple Bites and Simple Homeschool. Simply put, Oxenreider and her team of contributing bloggers have created a frugal dynasty.

20. Young Money
Written primarily by student journalists, Young Money focuses on money management, entrepreneurship, careers, investing, technology and travel.

21. My Money Blog
My Money Blog isn't the prettiest of websites, but it does serve as a fascinating documentation of one couple's journey towards completing their long-term financial goals. Posts include running totals of the couple's assets vs. liabilities and investment totals. You'll also find useful info like credit cards with the best sign-on bonuses and rewards programs, a review of online saving accounts, and tips on first-time home buying.

22. Christian PF
Christian PF combines finance management with Christian beliefs. Blogger Bob Lotich posts advice, tips, tools, scriptures and instructions on budgeting, getting out of debt, making some extra cash, investing and more.

23. Frugal Dad
With humor and a decidedly male point of view, Frugal Dad focuses on the conservative approach to family finances. Frugal Dad also is the author of the free eBook "The 7-Day Turnaround: One Week to Change Your Family's Financial Future."

24. $5 Dinners
Not only are the meals on $5 Dinners inexpensive, they're also simple and tasty. After writing about inexpensive meals for years, Erin Chase claims she's incapable of making more expensive meals. The blog also includes strategies and coupons to keep food prices down.

25. Coupon Cravings
In addition to writing her blog, Erin Gifford handles public relations for ZipList, a free shopping-list management tool. She is part of Walmart’s Eleven Moms social-media campaign and DealPro with Coupon Cravings was selected as one of a handful of mom bloggers working with Oscar Mayer, Frito-Lay and A Full Cup on various social-media initiatives.

26. Wealth Pilgrim
Join Wealth Pilgrim on a voyage to self, health and wealth. Staff and guest blogs write on money and marriage, getting out of debt, investing, small-business finances and retirement.

27. My Two Dollars
Colorado blogger David created My Two Dollars to share the lessons he learned on the road to a stable and responsible future." My Two Dollars covers saving, investing, debt reduction and changing jobs.

28. Consumer Boomer
As the name suggests, this is a blog for the Baby Boomer generation. Posts cover financial planning, investments, Baby Boomer issues, retirement, product and service reviews, with a sprinkling of rants.

29. Cents'able Momma
Written by a tax professional, Centas'able Momma shares techniques for earning extra money as well as the usual mommy-blogging details of couponing and living frugally.

30. Almost Frugal
Kelly Rigotti's Almost Frugal started out as the story of one woman's journey towards frugality and ended up showcasing the voices of four women. Topics include relationships with money, feeding families for less and living the good life on a budget. Rigotti is an Internet marketing and communication consultant living in France, so she occasionally slips in a bit of cultural comparison.

31. Fabulously Broke
This 20-something woman dug her way out of $60,000 in debt in just 18 months. Of course, she earned $65,000 per year, but that's a pittance in New York City. Fabulously the City  talks about trying to find a balance between being a shopaholic and learning to live with less (but the best).

32. Budget Saving Mom
Rene is a stay-at-home mother who teaches "newbies" how to use coupons and reports on deals for dining, giveaways, free stuff and gardening.

33. Being Frugal
Lynnaea of Being Frugal calls herself a "frugal living, coupon clipping, homeschooling, family-loving, Christian woman who woke up one day with a desire to get out of debt by the end of June 2011."

34. Frugal Zeitgeist
This blogger paid off a $200,000 mortgage in a little over six and a half years and is now working to build long-term wealth. He writes about money, finance, real estate and the "giant sucking sound known as consumer debt."

35. My Two Dollars
My Two Dollars is well-written and chock full of usable information for all consumers. Topics often cover familiar territory but the tips have a great deal of depth and are easy to understand.

36. Mighty Bargain Hunter
This married father of one began blogging in 2005 about saving money, finding deals, living frugally, making money, investing and current events in the financial world.

37. Bargain Babe
Journalist and jazz musician Julia created Bargain Babe to provide consumers with practical, personal and useful tips. Apparently, she's done a good job. Good Morning America, the Washington Post, Reader's Digest, Martha Stewart Living and other major media have featured her blog.

38. Not Made of Money
This husband and wife team live on one income yet have been debt free all 17 years of their marriage. They write about their financial life and decision-making process.

39. Koupon Karen
If there's a coupon, Koupon Karen will use it. Formerly known as Frugal Rhode Island Mama, Koupon Karen provides tips on saving money on everyday items so you'll have more money to spend on vacations, paying off bills or whatever takes your fancy. You'll find lots of free offers and coupons here.

40. Home Ec 101
Home-Ec 101 is "an attempt to reach average people and teach them the domestic arts that make life a little less expensive, a little easier and a little more enjoyable." You'll find helpful ideas on saving money on everything from food to cleaning to household repairs.

41. Mashup Mom
This former librarian is a freelance writer, editor, workshop leader, blogger and mom to two boys. Rachel Singer Gordon created Mashup Mom on her spare time to share strategies learned over the years to save and make money.

42. Mama Cheaps
Frugality meets family in Mama Cheaps' blog that often mentions husband Biker Bob and daughter Lily Bean. Mama Cheaps is part deal blog, part mom blog and part life blog.

43. My Good Cents
Kimberly is a San Diego based blogger who focuses on stretching dollars. You'll find online and store deals, freebies, printable coupons and tips to earn extra money.

44. FabuDaily
Deals, coupons and frugal tips are FabuDaily's bread and butter. Its stated goal is "to help everyone from college students to business owners banish those beasts that prey upon your wallet."

45. Grad Money Matters
There's plenty of information out there for frugal families, but not many blogs focusing on finances for college students. Grad Money Matters covers a wide spectrum of topics -- from entrepreneurship to financial myths -- from a youthful point of view.

46. Suddenly Frugal
Most mothers teach their children how to cook and clean. Leah Ingram's mom taught her to compost and to reuse everything before frugal was cool. Leah took these Yankee lessons to hear and now blogs to "keep herself accountable for her family's newly frugal lifestyle."

47. It's Frugal Being Green
Carrie is a professional in her 20s and living in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the more expensive places to live in the United States. Her hoarding tendencies led Carrie to combat these urges using frugal, green, clean and organized tools. It's Frugal Being Green shares her journey with great honesty and strength.

48. Frugal Babe
Frugal Babe doesn't have many followers yet, but her content is unique and her website is stunningly beautiful. Surf to this insurance broker's site for the design but stay to read her excellent posts.
49. A Penny Closer
Married couple Melissa and Eric share blog duties on A Penny Closer, writing from more than personal experience. Melissa has a business degree and, after working in the technology and consulting sectors for many years, started a small home business. Eric has worked in the technology industry for over 15 years and concentrates more on the investing and building wealth side of finances.

50. My Year Without Spending
Angela vowed to go a whole year without buying anything new. While lessening her carbon footprint, she hoped to also live more frugally. Angela's journey is intriguing and well documented.

51. A Frugal Living Blog by a Frugal Guy
Central themes of Frugal Guy include cheap and healthy meals, ways to save money, and "other frugal living tips, and tricks to help manage a household budget without feeling the pinch."

52. The Financial Student
The Financial Student hasn't yet developed a large following, but it won't be long before students discover this useful blog written by a high-schooler. Ryan writes clearly and accurately on money management for teens and young adults. This kid is going places.

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