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Spring Break: 7 Cheap and Fun Activities

With spring approaching, the sun, white legs and tank tops are emerging. The winter doldrums are behind us and it's time to get active.

Unfortunately, although spring break here, your finances may be tighter than in previous Mazatlan-wild years. Happily, fun entertainment can be inexpensive. You can use your time off to go out  without stressing and spending too much.

Here are seven fun but inexpensive options:

1. Gaze at the Stars
As you look around you for things to do, don't forget to look up! Check your local city website for astronomy programs in your area. Some offer day or night programs where visitors can view the stars through a telescope; watch sunsets and sunrises; take astronomy hikes; learn about nocturnal creatures, the planets and the stars; and much more. These programs are usually free, but may require a phone call to make reservations.

2. Bug Out
Interested in insects? Many places have special exhibits, museums and displays devoted to all kinds of bugs. You can learn about these important creatures by viewing them firsthand. Whether this means holding a nice, fuzzy tarantula or standing in a room full of fluttering butterflies is up to you. Either would be a memorable experience at a cheap price.

3. Local Sports
Most professional teams charge astronomical prices for tickets, so check out the local action instead. Aside from high school or college sports in your area, some semi-professional teams play at professional venues without a high-priced ticket. Instead of watching an NHL hockey game, for example, enjoy the same action and atmosphere at a semi-pro lacrosse match.

4. Tour a Brewery
Try a new beer, get some free beer or learn about your favorite beer maker by taking a tour at your local brewery. Ask about upcoming activities hosted by the brewery; many of which include more free beer with low cost entertainment. If you don't like crowds, visit during a weekday instead of a weekend night.

5. Local Concerts
Local artists are dying for you to come to their shows. This means low- to no-cost shows at your local venues. Don't limit yourself to musical concerts, either. You can see theatrical, musical, dance, comedy and other shows, too. Some provide free tickets for student nights or dress-rehearsal nights.

6. Redbox Night
Rent a $1 movie from a McDonald's Redbox or a local grocery store retailer, pop some popcorn and enjoy a cheap date

7. Light up Frisbees
Toss around a Frisbee in the day or evening by purchasing an inexpensive light-up Frisbee from your local dollar store. Don't want dog slobber on your Frisbee while you play? Some local parks and city centers offer special Frisbee courses. These courses are similar to golf courses in that they have several holes and you move from one hole to the next in sequence. However, these courses have baskets that catch your Frisbee, instead of holes in the ground for a golf ball.

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