Grocery Coupons

Best Practices for Using Grocery Coupons

At some point during the week, most of us make a stop at the grocery store for one reason or another. Whether you're just stopping in for a missing ingredient or you're restocking the pantry, we've all seen the nightmare couponer holding up the line and making the cashier's life miserable.

These so-called ‘extreme couponers' give responsible coupon users a bad name, and have even caused some stores to change their coupon policies. If you plan on making coupons part of your regular grocery shopping routine or already do, here are a few simple guidelines to help improve the experience and get the most for your money.

  • Start with your coupons.
    When it's your turn to step up to the register, the cashier will appreciate knowing you're planning to use coupons. This will keep the line moving faster and some stores even require you to present all of your coupons at the start of the transaction.
  • Be prepared and organized.
    Don't hand the cashier a pile of coupons and expect them to sort them all for you. Make sure you've removed any expired offers, and only give them coupons for products you're actually purchasing.
  • Use your loyalty card.
    In order to get sale prices, most stores require you scan your store loyalty card or enter your account number at the register. Swiping your loyalty card before the transaction begins allows you to monitor prices as items are scanned so you can make sure all sales have been applied.
  • Be courteous.
    If you feel as though the cashier isn't aware of certain coupon policies or isn't applying them correctly, ask politely to speak with a manager. Losing your temper with the cashier or treating them rudely will not do you any favors. Even if a coupon you thought was valid is not, you're more likely to still receive the savings when you're friendly.
  • Monitor prices at the register.
    Everyone in line will appreciate it if you raise any questions about prices as they're scanned in. No one wants to wait behind someone who needs a play-by-play breakdown of their receipt after they've already paid.